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We create the technological future of financial companies

We invent innovative solutions for your goals

We accomplish the most complex and interesting projects

We specialize in software development and IT services.


At this stage, we conduct market analysis, determined with technology and style.

Many years of experience implementing complex solutions has provided us with a unique experience of creating information systems of varying complexity, related primarily to financial companies and large e-commerce projects.


Creation of complex information systems and web resources - it's not fast.

The mockup allows simplified and as quickly as possible to show customers what they receive at the end of the work. The client asks a lot of questions during the demonstration, the prototype acquires functional and answers, and it means we are on track.


Beauty and processability - the two seemingly incompatible things !?

With its products, we prove otherwise. Always a pleasure to work in a system that not only can withstand high loads, but also comfortable, stylish, sweet. After all, people are especially fond of the eyes!


Perhaps the most important stage of the work, but not as noticeable as the previous ones for our customers.

Because not everyone wants to look under the hood of its new ERP system or trading terminal. But for the curious, we give access to both test alfa-developed version of the product. We are for openness and transparency in all.

We are working on the result